Saturday, May 9, 2009

OAMC: Big Cook Day, May

In a little more than 2 hours, I made:
Sloppy Joes
Lasagna (2 square pans)
Enchilada Bake (2 square pans)
Grilled Fish Marinade (in freezer w/ fish)
Chicken in Enchilada Sauce
Spicy Basil Chicken
Chicken Souvlaki
Crustless Ham and Broccoli Quiche
Stuffing-Egg Bake
A dozen meals! We're set up for lazy days for weeks to come. Unfortunately, I still have to clean up. And eat something for lunch more nutritious than a chocolate chip brownie.

The method I used this time was as follows:
Night before: bake 12 frozen chicken breasts (4 per recipe) for 1 hr at 350*. Transfer to container in fridge overnight.

Ground Beef Recipes:  Brown 3 lb of ground beef. Drain. Return 1 lb to pan, 1 lb to bowl, and 1 lb to another bowl.

Get Sloppy Joes simmering. Then assemble Lasagna and get baking. Assemble Enchilada Bake and freeze without futher cooking. Put Sloppy Joes into a freezer bag to cool. Freeze lasagna after cooling about 30 min.

Fish Recipe: Place a freezer bag into something to hold it open and upright (I use a yogurt container). Add all ingredients for marinade. Freeze.

Chicken Recipes: Divide chicken into 3 containers (or more, but there are 3 recipes). Mix up Souvlaki marinade, pour over chicken cut into large chunks, label and freeze. Mix up and simmer Enchilada Sauce. Shred chicken, pour sauce over, label, and freeze. Chop up 3 cups mushrooms (1 cup for Spicy Basil Chicken, 2 for Stuffing Egg Bake) and saute. Mix up sauce for Spicy Basil Chicken. Pour over chicken cut into chunks. Add mushrooms. Freeze.

Egg Recipes: Assemble Stuffing Egg Bake and freeze. Then, last but not least, do the quiche. I froze my quiche in a 8x8 foil pan .

Questions are of course welcome! I used my shopping list to keep track of what I had and what I needed. It really does help to add it all up. I had to buy my meat this time (I often get it free from my farmer parents), and the ingredients for this batch cost about $100.