Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mmmm, chicken.

Well, we have indeed been a hungry bunch. So far, the recipes have been hits. Chicken fried rice did pretty good, although I'd make a few changes next time. I undercooked the rice a little, and it didn't really cook through on the reheating. So I'd advise cooking it to done. It also needed more carrots. So 3/5 as made, but it can easily be better.

Chicken Souvlaki was great - I will make it again, just the same. Big pieces are the key, as they get very well marinaded. To leave a bit of chicken taste, the pieces should be about twice as big as they would be if you were eating them the day they were made.  5/5

Chicken in Enchilada Sauce - also great. The sauce definitely thins upon thawing, but it's still very tasty. Served with Black Bean and Corn Salad and tortillas. A nice, easy meal for after we got back from our weekend road trip. 5/5

I really feel like I'm getting better at choosing recipes that freeze well. I have my doubts about the Pineapple Chicken Curry, but time will tell.

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  1. I made the Black Bean and Corn Salad last night and really enjoyed it. It wasn't that difficult, and all the different flavors went together well (the onion, cumin, pepper, Tabasco, etc).

    Next time I will add less of the onion b/c DH felt it was a bit onion heavy. (I love onion though, LOL!)

    Thanks for the recipe.