Sunday, September 7, 2008

One Bite At A Time

Okay, I know you're all dissappointed because I was going to do a round of cooking this weekend, and I didn't. I got distracted. See... after Easter, there was a sale and frozen turkeys were 88 cents a pound. That is some cheap poultry, so despite the fact that I've never cooked a turkey, and despite the fact that we are a two-person household... I bought a turkey. I rooted around and bought the smallest one I could find, which was about 9 pounds. Then it slowly migrated to the bottom of the freezer, where I've ignored it since April.

Well, while looking for recipes for this round of cooking in this book, I realized it was time to get the turkey out of the freezer... and probably, back into the freezer. I managed to remember to throw it in the fridge to thaw on Thursday, and yesterday, I cooked my very first turkey all by myself. I wish  I had taken a picture. I didn't. We were in a hurry to eat and get to church, so I'll just pretend this is my turkey:
I mean, it looked like a turkey. Only I threw some potatoes in for the last 45 minutes to roast along with it. And then I made some stovetop stuffing, and we had a lovely turkey dinner for no reason at all.
So now we're in the blessed "leftover turkey" phase. This afternoon, I made a batch of turkey-noodle soup from scratch, including boiling the carcass and bones and skin and everything else that was too much work or too icky to eat on it's own. I considered trying to make some more interesting turkey dishes to freeze... and then realized that my husband is actually really enjoying having some ready to eat meat in the fridge. So I think I'll just leave it as is, and throw some of the meat into the freezer tomorrow if it looks like we won't eat it all. 
Oh hey - and the book I linked to up above (Frozen Assets: Light and Easy) looks like a very cool book. It's organized into "mini-sessions" that only deal with one protein source. So there's a chicken breast section and a ground beef section and so on, designed to be done in 2-3 hours. It's organized well, but I'm not sure I'll do it as I'm finding when I make stuff we usually eat, we like it, and when I make a  bunch of new recipes, it's very hit and miss.
Don't worry, fair reader, my freezer is bare. Soon it will be time for a real cooking session, and then we will be ready to eat well for another month.

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