Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Update (again)

I think I'm a convert.

We're down to the last few meals - tonight is Chicken Cattiatore. It's been probably about 50/50 on eating freezer meals and eating something else in our house. We have a weekly potluck, I don't mind cooking on the weekend, and we usually have homemade pizza once in a week. For the rest of the nights... it's been a lifesaver. I love not having to decide what's for dinner. I love knowing the major part of making it is done. I feel less resentment to DH for not cooking more. He helped do the big cooking day, so he's kind of "off the hook" in my head.

I'm planning my next round of cooking. I did 12 meals last time, and it lasted us about a month, so I'll aim for a similar amount this time. It took 4 cooking hours, plus a couple shopping hours. That's a little over an hour/week investment for sooo much peace.

Recipes since the last update:
Grilled fish - the best recipe of the bunch. Will make again next round.
Chicken spaghetti - freezing pasta is a mistake. Barely edible.
Mandarin Orange Chicken - okay... 3 stars of 5 for us.
Grilled Chile Pepper Cheeseburgers - fantastic. We cheated and used Costco burgers, but the concept was in the pre-made meal plan.
Rainy Day Chicken w/ Rice - my husband liked it better than me. Reminded me of something Mom used to make... a little to "cream of" for my taste.
Polynesian Pork Loin - again, a 3/5 recipe. Good, but a bit dry.
Blackened Chicken Breast - Fantastic! I already had this in my rotation. I love it.
Chicken Caccitore - 4/5. Pretty good, but not remarkable.
Meal on the Run Pork Loin - Great! Moist, easy, tastey.
Savory Beef - 3/5.

All we haven't tried is the Chile Verde. Wow! We still have a meal of the stew, and possibly another MOTR pork loin.

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  1. I've done OAMC cooking 2x this year. We also loved the grilled fish! Try it with salmon, its delish.